Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “PITAGORA” 

Montalbano Jonico – MT – Italy       website

italy_640 (11)The Classical Lyceum, a branch of the Istituto Superiore Pitagora of Montalbano Jonico, is the only High school located in the territory of Nova Siri; it is a village on the Ionian coast with a high rate of unemployment, that the global crisis has made it also more unsustainable.


Most people have got a low index of schooling, with employment mainly based on seasonal temporary work or odd jobs.


For years our school has been involved in foreign projects with European countries to stimulate the curiosity of our students for other languages and cultures, and this project arises from the need to provide an expansion of the educational experience determined from the need of orienting the students towards conscious choices, to improve their competences in the L2, which are frequently underestimated by students during regular schooling, and to develop the sense of European membership.


As the school reality differs for the presence of historical and geographical elements as well as for the social context, very poor with no opportunity of growth and confrontation for the young people, the project will be an important aim for our students to widen their knowledge, to overcome linguistic barriers and to cross social barriers, breaking the existence of cultural stereotypes. Besides, it will let them exchange experiences and ideas, to cooperate working side by side, using the modern technologies effectively, to strengthen an intercultural awareness being a part of the European community.


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