Selecting the right directionMain objectives:

  • To recognize the validity of scientific methods throughout history.
  •  To be aware of scientific knowledge which allows for environmental control.
  •  To improve students’ knowledge of investigative activities and applied knowledge which is developed in each of the towns of the participating high schools.
  •  To learn about new opportunities for future studies and professional paths, within the European Union.
  •  To bring high schools into contact with scientific institutions.
  •  To promote students exchanges.
  •  To improve students’ linguistic and communicative competences in different European Union languages.
  •  To overcome stereotypes connected with partner countries and different cultures (by cooperating with them).
  •  To improve their interpersonal skills.

Secondary objectives:

  • To share models of environmental control work and applied investigations developed for them.
  • To involve students in project activities organization and design.
  •  To enhance IT skills.
  • To improve their ability or working as a team.

As for the attainment of these aims and/or goals, the following topics will be proposed:
1º. Measurement of the earth’s radius and construction of a sundial.
2º. Environmental control in each town.
3º. Investigative and scientific applications currently carried out in the area of the participating centres.

The focus of the work carried out by the students will vary depending on the different aims and/or objectives:

  • For the first topic, the focus will be on experimentation as students are asked to measure solar declination, after Eratosthenes method.
  • For the second topic, participating students will communicate with institutions from the respective towns in charge of environmental control. Using the given data, they will develop a statistic study suited to the chosen topic by the participating centres.
  • For the third topic, we will promote the study and visit to investigation centres and/or Applied Science centres in each of the participating towns.

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