Neamt Environmental Agency


Neamt Environmental Agency ensures, through its specialised compartments, the realisation of environmental activities at county level.

The specialists working in this institution presented students materials with information about protected areas in our county – the four parks (three natural + one national) with their beauties, about polluting sources and types of pollution as well as the way of acting in order to diminish the negative effects on the environment, air quality in Neamt county and the air quality monitoring system with the help of the existing automatic stations, ways of monitoring soil and environment quality, the technical devices they use to monitor, environmental factors whose radioactivity is being monitored, the frequency of sample collecting, the preparation, measurement and calculation of specific activities, detection limits and the results’ lack of precision.


Students and teachers present showed high interest in the presentation and asked questions about the issues considered important for them.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Neamt is a public authority responsible for environment protection at the county level. It has a staff of 40 people and most of them are engineers in different fields of expertise like: chemistry, hydrology, forestry, geology, agronomy, physics, civil constructions. There are also ecologists, biologists, geographers, economists.


The National Environmental Protection Agency Neamt has been intended to work in order to ensure a healthy environment, in line with Romania’s economical development and its social progress. The mission consists in a ensuring a better environment for the present and future generations, through a continuous enhancement of air, soil and water quality. For these reasons, NEPA has attributes in the following areas:


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