2. Experiment: Painting with chemicals

Day 1

Materials: Solution of E163 (black carrot) – Add additional 2 ml color and 0,5 dl water, Solution of E330 (citric acid). Solution of E500 (sodium bicarbonate), Easel, 8 cotton swabs, 4 Papers

Read the whole instruction before starting

  1. Put the papers on the easel.
  2. Spray the solutions E163 at the papers. Use pipette at the first try.
  3. Hang up the papers for them to dry.

Day 2


  1. Put the paper on the bench.
  2. Use the cotton swabs to paint with. Use one swab for the E 330 and one for E 500

Explanation for painting with chemicals:

The food colors are affected by the paper’s pH. The manufacturing process determines wether the paper is sour, neutral or basic. The citric acid is sour and the sodium bicarbonate is basic. Sour and basic solutions give different color changes.


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