sundial progress report

S.A.R.A.H Partner schools sundial progress report

All partners gave feedback to the project at Jurancon. All partner schools have made differing developmental progress, due to their schools expertise of teaching.

Nova Siri Italy

The mathematics has been taught to their students and they have also developed their idea to decide on a vertical Sundial, which will be made of marble and represents classical architecture in their region. The sundial position has been decided on and it will be positioned on a School building.

Zabrze Poland

The Mathematics has been taught to the students and they have developed their Idea to decide on a vertical sundial that could be fixed to a coal trolley that represents their communities industry. The material of their sundial is to be decided.

Roman Romania

The type of sundial has been researched and an online sundial generator has been discovered, which was shared with all partners. The type of sundial and the material it will be made from has not been finalised.

Cordoba Spain

Their sundial has been developed to the point that the position and the materials have been finalised. Their sundial will be positioned on an outside wall out of reach from vandals. The face of the sundial will be made of ceramic, to represent their regions historical industry.  They have measured the shadow near the position of the sundial, which has refined the shape of their Gnomon, which from their research, has shown that a L shaped piece of steel, was the best to show a clear reading.

Zongaldak Turkey

They have so far researched different forms of sundial, but have not been able to develop an idea at this time, due to educational constraints, but is planning to do so in the near future.

Lidkoping Sweden

Their sundial is in the development process. It has involved students in developing 3 different ideas that are to be finalised on their return. The mathematics has been discussed and will be covered also on their return.

Jurancon France

They have developed their idea before the Cordoba visit and are now in the machining process of their vertical sundial.Their pocket sundial has very intricate components, which will need refining before they are completed.They hope that they can be developed to have an integrated symbol of each partner school within the design.

Cheltenham, Gloscol  UK

Their sundial design and position has been finalised by their Year 10 construction students, which they are using as evidence for a unit in their qualification. Their sundial is also being used for Environmental science students to show how material extraction impacts on the natural environment. Paco suggested that a flag or symbol of each partner country, be secured on the numerals on the sundial instead of in a wall, as the design suggests.


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