National Research Centre in Rotondella

National  Research Centre in  Rotondella  (Trisaia)

Departure for the visit  the National  Research Centre in  Rotondella  (Trisaia), for  all the students and the teachers.  Doctor Maurizio Matera welcomed us  in the assembly hall, where two researchers introduced us   their tasks concerning with research, technology innovation and  advanced services in the fields of energy, research was extended to renewable energy sources ( biomass and biofuels), the environment and sustainable development.  Trisaia research centre is devoted  to the development of agro-food industry too.

After the meeting in the assembly hall, the whole group of the students was split into two groups to visit the laboratories guided by the two   researchers to show us the processes of the  activities of research. ENEA  acts in close collaboration with the Italian Government, Regions, local  administrations.

The  steam explotion pilot plant can treat 300Kg/h of biomass,   developing and demonstrating the production of liquid biofuels from fermentation  processes (ethanol).     Link :



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