meeting in Lidköping

                   sweden_640 (1)Meeting in Sweden 

                      1-5 June 2014


Sunday 1/6 Monday 2/6 Tuesday 3/6 Wednesday 3/6 Thursday 5/6
Arrival, pickup at Main trainstation Gothenburg 17.00 and Landvetter 17.40 8.00 All students and teachers – school (aula) – introduction & programShort presentation of the students (max 5 min/country)7c, 8f, 9g 8.00- 9.15Science class in groups with students – lab with water cleaning7c, 8f, 9g 8.00-14.00 Ecology excursion Kinnekulle7c, 9g Departure, transport to Landvetter
Meeting with host families – students 19.30 8.45 walk9.00 Local environment at the museum, walk back, short break 9.30Bus to Läckö8f
Check in at the hotel Rådhuset – teachers 11.00Tour of the school.Presentations of the how the projects develops in different countries8f, 9g 10.15-11.45 two groups, one starts with guided tour at the  castle + walk around it, the other group starts with Victoriahouse
12.00Free lunch at school, Swedish meatballs 11.45-12.30 lunchHot dogs  – (brought with us, free) 11.00 lunchSandwich (brought with us, free)
13.00Science class in groups with students – lab with acids8f, 9g 12.30-14.00  change of groups castle/Victoriahouse
13.45 – 15. 30 City tour, walk…7c, 8f, 9g 14.00 Bus back to school 14:00-15.00 Final meeting & Evaluation7c, 8f, 9g
15.00- 16.00 Teachers meeting – Paco? 15.00 Teachers meeting – Paco?
Teachers: dinner at Sofia’s house 18.30 Everybody: family picnic with outdoor games 19.007c, 8f, 9g

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