CT Danubiana Roman is to provide quality services to the education community, characterized by professionalismromania_640 (10) and pedagogical embodied in the act of providing individualized course of development of each student, with full respect for human diversity and security of person. Thus, our graduates will become l, skills and available lifelong learning, mobile and aware of belonging to the community in respect for democratic values and the context of its European integration process.
Our school is situated in a small town responding to the requirements of youth’s social and professional development by offering a high quality training especially in the field of computer science, economic, protection of environment, food industry, by promoting standards and idealspicture12focused on cultivating respect to values such as democracy, freedom, truth and respect to institution and fellows. There are 1300 students from different levels who are attending the school: secondary school, high school, night course We also have many pupils with special needs who are integrated into the ordinary classes. With this partnership we hope to well integrate these youngsters in the European community, enlarge life and school views making them get to know and understand other lifestyles, other customs and traditions so that we, as a whole, can accept and be accepted with our differences.



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