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Our school is located in a disadvantaged area in Zonguldak. There are 408 students. Many of them accommodate in the surrounding villages near the town and they have to drive to school. There are coal mines in Kozlu region and the other regions in Zonguldak.

Most of our student’s fathers work in one of those mines under very difficult conditions and more over they work for low wages. They also have large families with three or more children. Therefore they have financial and specific problems.

Our school is not multicultural, but we hope that with the help of this project our students will have the opportunities to be involved in multiculture, subcultures. Unfortunately, our students have no chance to practice the foreign language that they learn at school.

But due to the project, they can grab at an opportunity and it will also open new horizons to students and teachers.
Teachers take very important part in learning teaching process. We as teachers try to do our best to enrich the students minds. So this project will let our students and also teachers to meet the others from the participant countries to change experience , to cooperate, to communicate and to learn something about their culture, science around us along history and heritage. All of us would like to take part in a such kind of project to create friendly environment and educate with different teaching techniques and exchanging ideas. This project would be our first international Lifelong Learning Programme.




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