Gloucestershire College

Cheltenham, United Kingdom


       Gloucestershire College is a large further education college in the South West of England with three main campuses in Gloucester, Cheltenham and the Forest of Dean. It is the largest college in Gloucestershire and the 30th largest in the UK. The college offers an extremely wide range of education and training programmes.

The Centre for Technology at Gloucestershire college consists of approximately 100 members of staff and caters for approximately 1000 students both full and part time studying a wide range of technical and vocational courses. The students who will be participating in the project will be our full time 16 – 19 learners. Many students are drawn from local areas which suffer from high levels of deprivation and all our courses have employability skills as well as functional literacy and numeracy embedded into them. Our primary subject areas are Engineering, Construction, Building Services and the Built Environment and our role in the project will be to focus on the interaction between the natural environment and the built environment and to share our expertise in these areas.

We are keen to give our students the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other learners across Europe and discover how these common themes are approached in different countries. We hope that this will open the eyes of our students to other cultures and perspectives within Europe and the world and help them to understand the possibilities of future training and employment opportunities both in the UK and abroad. The experience of working with students from other countries will help our students to develop their communication skills and self confidence.



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