1. Experiment about acids and basis

Materials: 4 cans, 6 tubes, 1 tube rack, 4 pipettes, 0,5 dl solution of E330 (Citric acid), 0,5 teaspoons of E500 (Sodium bicarbonate), 1 ml E162 (Beetroot), 1 ml E163 (anthocyanins), Water

Equipment: Coat, Safety glasses

Read the whole instruction before starting


  1. Mark the cans with E330, E500, E162, E163.
  2. Pour 0,5 dl of the E330 solution into the can marked E330.
  3. Mix 0,5 teaspoon E500 with 0,5 dl water in the can marked E500.
  4. Mix 1 ml E162 with 0,5 dl water in the can marked E162.
  5. Mix 1 ml E163 with 0,5 dl water in the can marked E163.

Do the following 6-14 with both the E162 and E163, start with the E162.

  1. Put 3 tubes in the tube rack next to each other.
  2. Pour the color solution in the outer tubes until it is half full (Approximate 5 ml). Use pipette.
  3. Pour the solution of E330 into the left tube. Pour it so it reaches the upper line. Use pipette. What’s happening?
  1. Pour the solution of E500 in the right tube. Pour until it reaches the upper line. Use pipette. What’s happening?
  2. Lift up the left tube and pour the liquid into the middle tube until it is half full.
  3. Lift up the right tube and slowly pour the liquid in the middle tube so it reaches the line second from the top. What’s happening?

Now as explained before redo 6-14 with E163.

After the experiment you can clean everything and pour out the liquids in the sink.

Experiment about acids – Explanation

Citric acid is sour and sodium bicarbonate is basic. When citrus acid and sodium bicarbonate mixes it happens a Chemical reaction. The solution is neutral and at the same time it releases carbon dioxide. The substances that changes colors is dependent of if solutions is sour, basic or neutral and it’s called pH-indicators and carrot/beetroot is two natural indicators. Beetroot and carrot are different sensitive to change in acidity.





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