Space Geodesy Centre

Space Geodesy Centre

At the Space Station we were welcomed by Mr Garramone, the manager,   in the assembly hall,  who  presented the main activities located at the CGS  (Space Geodesy Centre) -, the joint effort of four authorities : the Italian National Space Plan of the National Research  Council, the Region of Basilicata, the Italian  Space Agency and Telespazio.

CGS provides a satellite monitoring service of the Mediterranean Sea – for the control of the marine pollution by    – hydrocarbons – to the Italian Ministry of the Environment, and its  instrumentation has made possible for the first time the determination of a 6 cm displacement of the earth’s axis, caused by the earthquaker and by the tsunami.

The gravimeter operating at the CGS is used for the experimental determination of the accelaration of gravity and for the calibration of the national gravimeter network. ASI/CGS Is a member of International Laser Ranging Service  as observation station and data analysis centre for the interpretation of earth.

The Italian Space Agency dedicates  to experimentation with institutional users of earth observation techniques, in support to the management of natural and anthropic disasters : floodins, landslides, fires, marine pollution by hydrocarbons, seismic and volcanic risks, air qualities issue.


Matera Laser  Ranging Observatory (MLRO) is capabable to measure the distance to the Moon with mathematical precision, moreover the radio astronomy antenna receives  from natural sources the radio waves which makes possible  to measure earth’s rotation. Thanks to the  space Geodesy, today  it is possible to   measure, with astonishing  accuracy, and monitor the crustal deformation ,the postglacial bounce,  the rotation of the Earth and its gravity.

After the visit to the laboratories Comenius group returned to the assembly hall  with Mr Garramone to continue their meeting.


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