meeting with representatives of the Environment Clearance

The participants in the project attended a meeting with representatives of the Environment Protection Agency at “Danubiana” Technical College. They discussed about the biodiversity of the surrounding area and about the effects pollution has on the environment.

Mr. Cristian Cozma, the representative of the Environment Clearance, presented students and teachers information about the environmental condition, the control over activities which have an impact on the environment, about compliance with environmental laws, execising control over activities which present risks for major accidents and/or a significant border impact on the environment in order to prevent and limit pollution risks.

Mrs. Manuela Moraru – a commissioner of the Environment Clearance presented information about the activities undertaken to control the compliance of environment regulations regarding the conservation of natural habitats, flora, wildlife and aquacultures, biodiversity and protected natural areas. It was interesting to find out what the protected species in Neamt county are and the measures taken for their conservation.


Protected species: the lynx and the wild cat, species of migratory birds, among which the most common are:the white swan and the winter swan, the mallard, the tufted duck and the red duck, the blue gull, the silver gull, the black stork and plants such as the edelweiss.

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