Evaluation of the project will be developed by the Spanish coordinator and shared with all the partners. We will evaluate:

  • Achievement of project objectives to create a culture of assessment in our schools,
  • Initial competencies of students in the educational project; better knowledge about the subjects involved,
  • Tasks and activities for students and teachers involved in the project and their involvement to achieve the final product,
  • The effect of the project on the management skills of the students, effects of the projects on pupil motivation,
  • The effects of the project on teaching skills, implementation of active learning methods and adoption of new pedagogical approaches from partners,
  • Impact of project activities within each institution focusing on assessing the impact on students, parents, teachers, the local community,
  • Contributing to the successful implementation of our project in our schools,
  • Level of European cooperation and communication between partner schools,
  • Increasing ICT, social communication skills of students after their participation in mobility,
  •  The degree of enrichment of knowledge about the culture, civilization, customs participating countries,
  • Increasing the European dimension in partner schools.


after meeting in Spain

after meeting in France

after meeting in Austria

after meeting in Sweden

after meeting in Romania

after meeting in Turkey

after meeting in Italy

after meeting in Poland

after meeting in UK

feedback after first year

final questionnaire for teachers

final questionnaire for students

final questionnaire for parents


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