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 After Cordoba Meeting, held at IES El Tablero on November 12-15, 2013, the 9 attendant partners achieved the following agreements:

                 1.- eTwinning and Twinspace

                Sweden and Spain will develop Twinspace. They will study the posssibilities to connect it with other sites: blogs, wikis, websites and so on.

                It’s very important that all the partners get to be members in the Twinspace Project and that invite their respective pupils (Swedish and Spanish students are already included!)

                2.- Sundial project.

                Teachers from Gloucester (UK) show a presentation to suggest that every partner school implements a sundial using or including in any sense their respective traditional works in every region. For example: Iron forge or ceramics in Cordoba, stone quarrying in Gloucester, coal mining in Zonguldak and Zabrze, steelworks in Graz and Roman, wine and natural gaz in Jurançon, stone building in Nova Siri,  the forest and quarrying in Lidköping…

                Teachers from  Lycée André Campa, Jurançon-France, offered to all the other partners to make a pocket sundial for every partner in their workshops as a industrial work practice coming from their students. They will request some particular details to include in every sundial, that will be turned in to the partners during the meeting in France.

                3.- Earth radius measurement

                As there was no time enough during the meeting to work on Earth radius measurement after Eratosthenes experiment, Project coordinator proposed to some of the partners to explain the experiment to the other partners during Jurançon meeting and how to make accurate measurements with pupils to get a succesful result. The experiment will be made during the next spring. Dates will be decided during Jurançon meeting.

                4.-  Other responsibilities

               – Prof Marek Matlok (from Zabrze- Poland), will promote  scientific experiments during the project, that will be placed as a miscellaneous of the project. Particularly, Polish physics teacher proposed to measure also the Earth’s acceleration using one of available methods, such as the pendulum. The results from different coutries will be collected and an average will be calculated. Moreover the teacher suggested to observe the movement of the International Space Station and to write small reports to compare the results. It might also be a good idea for students to do small projects/presentations about the station- what we know about it, how it is to live in weightlessness, etc.

                – Prof Guner Yaskan (from Zonguldak, Turkey) will be the responsible of photograhs of all the meetings he attends, its selection and sharing with the other partners.

              – Prof Sonja Draxler (from Graz, Austria) will work to connect the project to other educational institutions (University, … )

                5.- Meeting Evaluation.

                Prof Nadia Circu, (from Roman-Romania), will take over the responsibility of creating evaluation sheets for the different meetings and participation ways (students, families, teachers…). These evaluation sheets, or its resume, will be included in the Project Twinspace.


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