BÜLENT Ecevit University


Reseach and Development and Innovation Centers

Instructor Özgür ZEYDAN from the department of Environmental Engineering in Bülent Ecevit Üniversity presented us Air Pollution.

Air-Pollution Comference at Zonguldak Univ

First, he began with the description of air pollution and then air pollutant and sources of air pollutants. He told us air pollutants in two groups as primary and secondary pollutants and went on transport of air pollutants by emphasizing that air pollution is not only Zonguldak’s problem but also a global environmental problem.
Secondly ha gave us information about the effects of air pollution on human health, on animals and plants, on ecosystem, on materials and visibility. And we learned the air quality in Zonguldak along with Paris, Beijing and Hong Kong.
Finally he showed us some beautiful pictures from Zonguldak so that our guests would not remember Zonguldak with only air pollution.



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