Bundeshandelsakademie und Bundeshandelsschule 

Bundeshandelsakademie für Berufstätige – GRAZ, AUSTRIA


austria_640 (2)The BHAK Grazbachgasse is the biggest commercial school in Styria attracting students from the city as well as from rural areas. The school offers a comprehensive general as well as a solid vocational education to enable graduates with all the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the labor market. As an UNESCO associated school learning is understood as an activities-focused process, teamwork and practicing democracy is an important educational goal.


For our school it is important to enhance the awareness of science subjects and their importance for our environment. Contacts to institutions in charge of environmental research and control might improve the ability of students to better understand and evaluate statements from daily newspapers or other media on environmental issues.


In addition the project would give students new opportunities to get in contact with students from other countries and exchange experiences with them, enhancing thereby their intercultural awareness, improving their knowledge in history, science, and languages, and would enable them to gain more profound knowledge and skills at dealing with modern technological means of communication and learning.

Our school’s role in this project could be to provide information about the history of time measurements and calendars, as well as providing contacts to the University, especially to the Optics Group and the History of Physics Group.


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