JURANCON, FRANCE     website

france_640 (11)The school of Jurançon is a vocational school which welcomes socially disadvantaged students.

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– There is a dormitory and a canteen on the school grounds. Pupils are between 14 years old and 18 years old.

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Some migrants from Spain, Portugal and east Europeans countries receive personalized and individualized help and are in three vocational training qualifications.

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Sections are industrial, in particular technician of manufacturing who can make sundials. The school is also a center of animation and educational reflection for the maths-science teachers of the Atlantic Pyrenees (South-West of France). The school developes a partnership with the province of Saragossa and every year sends pupils to practice in Spanish companies.

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The school has equipment assisted by computing for the scientific acquisition of data, in particular the measurement of temperatures and continuous pressure.

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