meeting in Jurancon

france_640 (1)Meeting in Jurancon , France

Monday 3rd  – Arrival of the teams: welcome, accommodation for students and teachers

Tuesday 4th

  •  8.30: Plenary session with Headmistress and other school members
  •  9.30: Visit of the school
  •  10.00: Coffee break
  •  10.30:Teachers meeting to make work teams: Team 1: Digital Team ( website) Team 2: Solar Team ( Earth Radius according to Eratosthenes Method, sundial, declination of the sun device): presentation of the Method to all participants, including students. Team 3: Environmental Team (information about local institutions in charge of environmental control) Team 4: Scientific Research Team (local partners from other schools)
  •  12.00: Institutional meeting around a drink ( with the Jurançon Mayor)
  •  12.30: Lunch (canteen)
  •  14.30: visit to PERL (Total Petrochemicals in Lacq) Passport or ID Card
  •  18.30: Visit of the Cinquau Jurançon Vineyards in Artiguelouve (visit of the property)

Wednesday 5th

  •  8.00: Visit to the City of Space in Toulouse Lunch at the cafeteria in the City of Space
  •  20.00: Family dinner at school

Thursday 6th

  •  8.30: Team work. Paco present the common logo to all the partners during the meeting. Every school team will show to the other partners not only their conclusions about sundials, but also about Eratosthenes method and about environmental studies proposals for next year, if done.
  •  10.30: Coffee break
  •  11.00: Plenary session with different group work results
  •  12.30: Lunch (canteen)
  •  14.00: Visit of the Pau Castle: free for students and free for teachers with a “teacher ID card”
  • 16.00: Free time for shopping
  •  20.00: Dinner in Pau city centre


  •  Visit to the Pic du Midi Observatory
  •  Visit to Lourdes ( sanctuary, castle,…)

Proposal dates to develop Earth radius measurement the next spring. The best would be to find the common working day to develop the measure when we meet at Jurançon. The experiment will need at least 4 hours (including the solar noon), where the students will be monitorizing the shadow of a gnomon. The problem may be to find a sunny day for all the partners schools. If this is found impossible, we can make the experiment in two different groups or during a saturday if the proposed days are cloudy. This will be one of the most difficult point. In order to advance this topic, we have shared with us a Google document with the weeks since the last week of February till the last week of April. I have already indicated the most inadequate weeks for us (we may include more difficult weeks after a meeting we have tomorrow evening). The best week for the experiment would be as late as possible in April (there will be more sunny hours in Sweden), and most suitable good weather forecast


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